wrenchfry asked:
I love your blog!!!!!!! (or tumblog? New to Tumblr so dont know the right word.) Colossal and Street Anatomy have been my favorites for a long time, but your finds are just phenomenal. So -- my question. Knowing that I love what you post, are there other blogs/tumblogs/whatevers out there that you would highly recommend? Sorry if you already posted that and I missed it scanning your page!

thank you :p








nontumblr blogs:

mostly I follow artists. especially on tumblr. the non tumblrblogs are artists too so I see when they have something new. browsing through my page you will get the link for every artist in the caption.

one of my fav non tumblr blogs is shewalkssoftly. she doesn’t post only anatomy-related things, but she has a beautiful collection of art there.

others are anatomyuk, streetanatomy, morbid anatomy, and the other big ones like mymodernmet, boingboing, colossal… I have a lot of blogs in my feed, for the occasional anatomical art. but mostly I see a picture somewhere I like and then the search will start for the source :)