i told some girl i was from austria and she goes “oh so you speak french” she thought austria was a part of france what is wrong with the public education system in this country

MUAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! this is gold. usually we are just mistaken for australians but my professor once told us that when she was in britain she was asked how it is to be part of germany :p 

seems like people don’t pay attention in school when it’s about history and geography.

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I've stumbled on a blog called GALERIA ARTICULA on blogspot which features taxidermy and anatomy themed sculpture and jewelry (more heart necklaces!) and links to many like-styled artists. Looks like something you may enjoy :)

thank you :) I will definitely check it out ^_^ haha… well I think I have enough of those heart necklaces for the rest of my life… btw didn’t get an ask about those for a long time :p

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The fork in the penis man, that fucked me up

hahahhahaha ^_^