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wait.. you're romanian?

wait what??? nooo… polish girl raised in austria. why romanian? what did I miss??? :P

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I suggest to stick with lactofree milk, if your worried about cows or nature in general? there is just no cheap way not to exploit nature. Mass almond prod. in california(for milk) to have implication on flora and fauna, bees, +transportation

naja rudi, wenn wir mit so einer grundsatzdiskussion anfangen, darf man heutzutage gar nix mehr essen oder trinken. und ich bin zurzeit sehr eingeschränkt in meiner nahrungswahl… 

I feel your pain. I bought almond milk yesterday and my bank account had a heart attack. Being lactose intolerant is expensive.

well, I am lactoseintolerant too, and I have to be honest the lactofree milk was the best from the taste/price. but I think the unsweetened almondmilk will be my new favourite ^_^ I only need the milk for my coffee. so I think I will survive spending the money for notanimalbased milk.