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I think the facial expression on the last one sums up the toad’s feelings -_-

this would have been the perfect reactionpicture for all the heart necklace asks I got…

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[about the video] i guess i should approach the topic more in general because it's supposed to be a entertainment video but with solid information about the disease. we'll show for people between 18 to 25 yo. in fact, i'm looking for little animations that explains it all in a easy way, pictures or anything else. my teacher said we could do whatever we wanted to do, but not to forget to talk about the treatment, diagnostics, transmission and others. should i tell a story? make it funny somehow?

hmm… honestly it’s a hard topic, because it will get boring very easy if you are just telling the facts like this one here. especially when you want to attract young adults I would try to find a funny way (but not too funny). what you could do is tell the story in a comic way. (how he/she got it, and what’s happening through the different stages as the person gets older till the death). I don’t know how creative you are or if you would rather use just pictures. 

what about my followers? anyone who has some ideas for my anon to help????

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hi, i have to make a video about syphilis for college, do you have any good ideas on how should i do it? it should contain all the informations about the disease. do you think i should it funny? or like a documentary? help me please

well, I would say that depends on your teacher and what he/she wants. should it be a video for adults or teens? do you want to approch this topic more scientific or more in general? are you able to include little animations like a bacterium that explains the facts or would you work more with pictures of the patients. and how long should it be? but if you want you can ask me more off anon :)

sometimes I am really naive…I saw dobermann puppies on instagram with their ears and tails cut off (kupiert in german). and I was irritated because in austria it’s forbidden to do that with dogs… I forgot that it’s not against the law in every country :p